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" Renewal Gambian Passports"


The validity of a Gambian passport cannot be extended. If your Gambian passport expires, then you need to apply for a new one. 

Since September 2014 a new passport type is being introduced in The Gambia (biometric passport). Applicant has to travel to The Gambia in person to apply for such new type Gambian passport. At this moment it is not (yet) possible to apply for a new passport via the Gambian Embassy in Brussels. Maybe in future the Gambian Embassy in Brussels will receive equipment which will enable them to issue new Gambian passports, however, at this moment no details are known.

If you have to travel to The Gambia to apply for a new passport and your current passport already expired, then we can issue an Emergency Passport (a “Laissez-passer”) for you. If you bring your expired Gambian passport, a passport photograph and the booking confirmation of the flight which you booked for The Gambia, then we can issue an Emergency Passport for you. Cost amount to Eur 35,00, which amount needs to be paid in cash. On this Emergency Passport you can fly to The Gambia. In The Gambia you apply for your new Gambian passport and you fly back to The Netherlands on your new Gambian passport. Please make sure that when travelling to The Gambia you have with you your valid residence permit for The Netherlands so that you will be able to return to The Netherlands. An appointment for the issuing of an emergency passport always has to be made in advance by telephone, or if you make the appointment by e-mail, then you need to receive back our confirmation that the date/time proposed by you is OK! We normally are open on Tuesdays and Thursdays, between 09.30 and 16.00 hours.  

In case you are residing outside The Gambia an you do not have the possibility to return to the Gambia in person to apply for a new passport, then currently (September 2015) you still can ask a relative to apply for you for a new Gambian “old type” (green) passport. We do not yet know how long this possibility will continue to exist. Please check with the relevant authorities at the moment you would consider to make use of this option.


Information on the issuing of Gambian passports you can find at http://www.gid.gov.gm.